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The market prospect of flexible circuit boards Nov 08,2018

Nowadays, due to the broad industrial space of flexible electronic technology, more and more industrial capital has begun to join the flexible electronics industry. As we all know, with the wide range of touch-screen phones and tablets, flexible circuit boards are more valuable. The market for flexible circuit boards is gradually expanding, but the market prospects for this device at home and abroad are still very large.


China's current FPC market has a low output value and a low market share. Although there are many manufacturers engaged in the research of flexible circuit boards in China, about one-third of them are foreign-invested enterprises, and their total output value accounts for more than 80% of the total domestic FPC production.


According to reports, as early as 2010, Japanese soft board manufacturers NipponMektron (flag wins) revenue increased by 35% than in 2009, has reached 2.22 billion US dollars, ranking first in the world. Some other manufacturers, such as M-FLEX, are also in a position we can't surpass in terms of annual income.

So in general, the market prospects for flexible circuit boards are still considerable, but technically speaking, there are still many places in China that we must learn from others.

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