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PI heater
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PI heating film is a thin and translucent material with fantastic dielectric strength. It is an idea choice when using in extremely narrow, exposing under vacuoum, oily and chemical situation. Thin and light heating film can be used in exact appointed location, which is a swift, effective and heat uniform heating solution.

Characteristics of PI heating film:

Main material :(0.05-0.15mm)PI film+(0.03-0.1mm)nichrome+(0.05-0.15mm)PI film

Physical and electrical characteristics

Voltage range :0-600VAC/DC

Maximum operation temperature:200℃(Long term below 180℃ )

Dielectric Strength :≥1500VAC/MIN

Ambient temperature range:-40℃~250℃

Insulation Resistance:≥100MΩ

Thickness: 0.3mm

Specifications of the products: custom made

Color:Yellow transparent

Recommended power density: 0.15~0.6W/cm²

Mechanical compressive strength :100KG/cm²

Density of maximum power:0-1W/cm²

Tension of guide line:≥80N

Working life: 5-10years

Tension of welding point:≥20N

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