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  • 232019-04
    Brief analysis of the market prospects in fpc industry

    In recent years, with the strong driving of consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablet computers, and touch control products, the market demand for fpc (flexible circuit boards) has become larger. In addition, the proportion of FPC in high-end electronic products is also growing. In terms of ...

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  • 162019-03
    Fpc cable: What are the advantages and disadvantages of fpc?

    The fpc cable is defined as a group of connecting wires that can be bent to a certain extent, and its constituent substrate is generally made of rolled copper, which is resistant to tortuosity and flexibility. At the same time it is also a functional manifestation of fpc. Having said that, in the fo...

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  • 282019-02
    3 points for surface treatment of flexible circuit boards

    As a manufacturer specializing in the production of flexible circuit boards, the industry of products used by Flyheaters has covered the optoelectronic industry, notebook manufacturing, automotive industry and instrument monitoring industry. Flyheaters has always been adhering to the business philos...

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  • 232019-01
    How does customer use FPC

    For this electronic product, there are not many friends who may know about it now. Therefore, as a professional fpc manufacturer, Dongguan Guixiang Insulation Material Co.,Ltd., has some words in the production of circuit boards and circuit boards to say to customers: First of all, we want to take a...

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  • 102019-12
    What is the specific difference between PCB and FPC?

    PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is an important electronic component, a support for electronic components, and a provider of electrical connections for electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called a "printed circuit board". FPC: (flexible circuit board): referred to as ...

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  • 082018-11
    The market prospect of flexible circuit boards

    Nowadays, due to the broad industrial space of flexible electronic technology, more and more industrial capital has begun to join the flexible electronics industry. As we all know, with the wide range of touch-screen phones and tablets, flexible circuit boards are more valuable. The market for flexi...

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