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  • 302018-09
    National Day Holiday Notice

    Dear All, The National Day is coming to the corner. We will be on holiday from Oct.1st ~7th. If anything urgent, just send us email to We will check the emails from time to time. Dongguan Guixiang 2018.09.30

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  • 212018-06
    Congratulations to Dongguan Guixiang 2018 CIBF Exhibition Successfully Held

    China International Battery Fair (CIBF), which is well-known in the global battery industry, was held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center from May 22nd to 24th 2018. The CIBF technical seminar continues to take“ power battery and energy storage battery” as the theme in 2018,and it is focus on the latest d...

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  • 112017-10
    Characteristics of kapton heater

    Characteristics of kapton heater: Main material :(0.05-0.15mm)PI film+(0.03-0.1mm)nichrome+(0.05-0.15mm)PI film Physical and electrical characteristics Voltage range :0-600VAC/DC Maximum operation temperature:200℃(Long term below 180℃ ) Dielectric Strength :≥1500VAC/MIN Ambient temperature range:-40...

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  • 082017-07
    Silicone Heater Characteristics

    Main material : (0.4-0.75mm) high thermal conductivity silicone rubber fabric +(0.03-0.1mm)nichrome + (0.4-0.75mm) high thermal conductivity silicone rubber fabric Physical and electrical characteristics : Voltage range :0-600VAC/DC  Maximum operation temperature:220℃(Long term below 200℃ ) Die...

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  • 172017-07
    Heating system solution to low temperature performance of the power battery

    In order to solve the problem that current material caused the power battery charge and discharge in low temperature, the heating system is necessary.  The different heating systems used by the power battery manufactures are as following.  A. Water circulation cooling and heating system ca...

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  • 172017-07
    Guixiang heater COMPANY PATENTS:

    Guixiang heater COMPANY PATENTS: 1 Utility model: Etched aluminium plate as chip of battery heater 201521118520.9 Guixiang 2 Utility model: Etched aluminium plate and cotton insulation as chip of battery heater 201521118538.9 Guixiang 3 Utility model: Etched epoxy resin slice as chip of battery heat...

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