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Heating system solution to low temperature performance of the power battery Jul 17,2017
In order to solve the problem that current material caused the power battery charge and discharge in low temperature, the heating system is necessary. 

The different heating systems used by the power battery manufactures are as following. 

A. Water circulation cooling and heating system can work but it need high design and process requirement, whose complicated structure improve the cost.

B. PTC heating system’s power vary with the temperature, when PTC components  reaching the highest temperature(usually 180-270 ℃),its power will descend to keep the setting  temperature. Because of its limited heating area, it need fan and a tube to dissipate the heat. If the room of the battery admit, this system is workable.

C. (Our products)PI heating film/ Silicone rubber heater/Epoxy resin heating plate is a resistive and thin heater(0.3-1.5MM). The size, voltage and power are variable, and it can save a lot of room by sticking on the PACK of battery to heat the battery. They have the advantages of high heating efficiency, simple structure, low cost, high reliability and more than 10 years’ working life.

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