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Flexible Printed Circuit
Flexible Printed Circuit for industrial

Flexible Printed Circuit for industrial

Flexible Printed Circuit for industrial
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Flexible printed circuit is a highly reliable and excellent flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film.

Flexible printed circuits were originally designed as a replacement for traditional wire harnesses. From early applications during World War II to the present, growth and proliferation for flex circuits and flexible printed circuit boards continues exponentially. A flexible circuit in its purest form is a vast array of conductors bonded to a thin dielectric film.
From simple applications to the most complex, the versatility of flex circuits and flexible printed circuit boards is unmatched. 
Flexible Circuit Technologies is happy to take on any flex circuit or flexible printed circuit board design challenge that you bring, including: automotive, medical, telecom, industrial or commercial… just to name a few.
Flexibility during Installation – Flexible Circuits allow a third dimension to work with because they can interconnect between two or more planes during execution. As a result, they solve space and weight problems unmatched by rigid boards. Flex circuits can be manipulated many times during installation and execution without electronic failure.

There are many benefits to Flexible Printed Circuits including:

High Density Applications – Flexible circuits allow for minutely narrow lines giving way to high density device population. Denser device populations and lighter conductors can be designed into a product, freeing space for additional product features.
Improved Airflow – Because of their streamlined design, flex circuits allow for the flow of cooling air through an electronic application.
Increased Heat Dissipation – Due to the larger surface-to-volume ratio and compact design of flexible circuits, a shorter thermal path is allowed. Further, the thinner design of flex circuits allows for heat dissipation from both sides of the circuit.
Increased System Reliability –  In the past, most circuit failures occurred at an interconnection point. Flex circuits can be designed so that interconnections are reduced, which in turn, increases the reliability of a circuit.

Point-to-Point Wire Replacement – Depending on the number of point-to-point connections in a circuit design, at Flexible Circuit, we guarantee that we can design and build a single flex circuit that can eliminate many (if not all) of those interconnections. At Flexible Circuit, “We Go Where Others Will Not.”
Reliability and Durability – A flexible circuit can move and flex up to 500 million times without a failure, in designs that have moving parts. The exceptional thermal stability of polyimide also allows the circuit to withstand applications with extreme heat. The thermal stability of  polyimide provides a better base for surface mounting than hard boards. Because the compliant base film places less stress on soldered joints, a thermal mismatch is less likely to occur.
Repeatable Routings – Our circuits are made from precise replicas of artwork for superior manufacturing consistency. The etched circuits replace the solder and hand wiring connections of the rigid board, completely eliminating wiring errors.

Simplified Circuit Geometry – Flexible Circuit Technologies places surface mount electronics directly onto the circuit which results in streamlining the overall design. Intricate patterns that were nearly impossible to achieve with rigid boards are made easily in flex circuits.

The detailed introduction is as following:

Number of production layers:6

Width of line: ≥0.035mm

Distance between two lines: ≥0.045mm

Via diameter: ≥¢0.1mm

Via pad diameter: ≥¢0.2mm
Via - to - via spacing: ≥0.08mm
Distance between two pads: ≥0.2mm
Grid copper supplement: Grid line width and spacing ≥ 0.07 mm
Drilling precision tolerance: ±0.02mm
Etching line tolerance: ≤0.05mm±0.015mm/≥0.05mm±20﹪
contour tolerance: ±0.05mm

In summary, if you have flexible circuit design or flexible printed circuit board needs, we can help.

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