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Brief analysis of the market prospects in fpc industry Apr 23,2019

In recent years, with the strong driving of consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablet computers, and touch control products, the market demand for fpc (flexible circuit boards) has become larger. In addition, the proportion of FPC in high-end electronic products is also growing. In terms of market applications, on the one hand, products tend to be miniaturized; on the other hand, a large number of functional modules are continuously integrated into the system, and the signals required to be transmitted are also increasing, which requires more pins and requirements. FPC connectors have more contacts, even smaller spacing, and a smaller form factor, ultimately achieving high-density integration goals.

In terms of the specific performance of fpc in the automotive market, FPC connectors are widely used in GPS devices, LCD displays, radios, and entertainment devices such as DVD players. In the medical field, FFC connectors can help achieve the miniaturization required for handheld devices, including patient monitors. In addition, FPC connectors are also being used in many military and aerospace applications where the lightweight and compact design is the primary requirement. The reason for this is that in the manufacturing process of the FPC connector, the manual operation is reduced due to the semi-automatic or even fully automatic assembly, inspection and packaging processes, thus greatly reducing the quality or other problems that may be caused.

Finally, a set of data, according to the Flyheaters electronic survey data, in 2011, the global FPC output value reached 9.2 billion US dollars, accounting for 16.6% of the total PCB share; it is expected that by 2016, the global flexible circuit board output value will reach 13.2 billion US dollars, With a compound annual growth rate of 7.5%, it has become one of the fastest growing sub-sectors in the PCB industry, and its share in the total PCB market has further increased to 18.4%.

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