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Silicone Rubber Heater Introduction
Which industries or fields can silicone rubber heating pads be used in? 10 Oct 2018

Silicone heating pad industry and specific applications are as follows:

Petrochemical industry: gas transmission pipelines, oil pipelines, valves and other equipment electric heating or maintaining constant temperature

Chemical industry: transmission pipes, processing vessels, reactors, hot melt equipment, electric heating or maintaining constant temperature

Beer industry: power plant boiler equipment heavy oil transmission pipeline maintains constant temperature

Food industry: The process of food conveying pipelines requires constant temperature protection, winter protection of mechanical equipment, etc.

Automotive industry: dispensing robot, car body and windshield compound automatic glue equipment, electric heating or maintaining constant temperature, (like Electric Car Battery Heater Mat

Mechanical engineering: transport containers, vacuum chambers, hydraulic or pneumatic pumps, metering and conveying equipment, electric heating or constant temperature

Experimental study: sample gas analysis pipeline, industrial waste gas analysis pipeline electric heating or maintaining constant temperature

Nuclear power plant: chimney exhaust gas analysis (exhaust gas sample sampling pipe electric heating or maintaining constant temperature)

Environmental protection engineering: water treatment, cleaning system (underground heating or heating)

Offshore platform: oil pipelines, valves, etc.

Others: Paint equipment, waxing equipment, electric heating or thermostat maintenance, laboratory, food and aviation are widely used.

Silicone rubber heating pad application areas:

1. Heat transfer machine heating pad

2. Baking cup (pad) machine heating sheet

3. Oil drum heater

4. Heat sealing machine heating film

5. Medical equipment heating and insulation

6. Chemical pipeline heating film

7. Large equipment heating film

8. Semiconductor processing equipment

9. Various mechanical instrumentation heating and insulation

10. Medical equipment such as blood analyzers, respiratory therapies and spas

11. Military facilities, aircraft instruments and hydraulic equipment are protected against freezing

12. Battery heating

13. Food service equipment

14. Factory joints and partial assembly, any application requiring soft shape or design

15. Analytical instrument

16. Aerospace

17. Antifreeze equipment

18. Transportation equipment

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