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Silicone Rubber Heater Introduction
Silicone rubber heating blanket technical parameters and application areas 10 Oct 2018

1. Technical parameters
Insulation Material Glass Fiber Silicone Rubber
Electrothermal film thickness 1mm ~ 2mm (conventional 1.5mm)
The maximum operating temperature is below 250 °C for a long time.
Minimum temperature resistance -60 ° C
Maximum power density 2.1W/cm2
Power density selection based on actual usage
Voltage 3V ~ 220V

2. Product introduction
Silicone rubber heaters are used at temperatures ranging from -60 ° C to 250 ° C. The voltage can be customized according to user requirements, the highest power density is 2.1W/cm2. The heating core has two kinds of high-resistance alloy wire and metal foil. The electric heating core made of metal foil can make the heating piece with high power density and has excellent rapid heating function.
The silicone rubber heater is in the form of a sheet (standard thickness of 1.5 mm), which has excellent flexibility and can be in full close contact with the object to be heated. This allows heat to be transferred to wherever it is needed.
(1) Various shapes and sizes (such as round, oval, and vertebra) can be customized according to customer requirements.
(2) The insulating layer of the silicone rubber heater is made of silicone rubber and glass fiber cloth. It has high insulation performance and the breakdown voltage can reach 20~50KV/mm, so it can be used with confidence.
(3) Silicone rubber heaters are extremely convenient to install. They can be vulcanized and installed through room temperature vulcanized rubber. They can also be installed according to customer's requirements or installed in bundles.
(4) The heating element is etched using an alloy foil of a nickel alloy, and the heating power can be 2.1 W/cm2, and the heating is more uniform.

3. Application field
The main applications for silicone rubber heaters are as follows:
a. hot stamping machine heating plate
b. baking cup (plate) machine heating film(Mug Silicone Rubber Heater)
c. oil drum heater
d. Heat sealing machine heating sheet
e. Medical equipment heating and insulation
f. Large equipment heating

g. Electric vehicles battery heaters

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