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Silicone Rubber Heater Introduction
Knowledge of Silicone rubber heating pad 28 Jun 2018

Commonly known as silicone heating film,  silicone rubber heating film, etc.

silicone rubber heating pad

Features: The insulation layer of the silicone rubber heating pad is a thin layer (standard thickness 1.5mm) composed of silicone rubber and glass fiber cloth. It has good flexibility and can be in close contact with the object to be heated; for heating elements Nickel alloy alloy foil processed, heating power up to 2.1W/CM2, more uniform heating. In this way, heat can be transferred to any desired place.


1. The heat and insulation of wet, non-explosive gas occasions, industrial equipment pipelines, tanks, etc. can be directly wrapped around the surface of the heated object during use.

2. Auxiliary heating of refrigeration protection and air conditioning compressors, motors and other equipment

3, medical equipment (such as blood analyzers, test tube heaters, medical health care clothing, body slimming belt compensation heat, etc.)

Technical Parameters:

1, the highest temperature insulation material: 250 degrees

2, the maximum use temperature: 200 degrees

3, power error: ±5%

4, withstand voltage: 3000V

5, size: maximum 500mm*1000mm, minimum 20mm*20mm, lead length 150mm

Remarks: Customized according to customer's voltage power specifications

If you find that you need to create a heater that isn't within the ranges allowed by the configurator, it might still be possible for us to build what you need. Just contact us,and we'll work on figuring out a solution for your application. Our

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