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Silicone Rubber Heater Introduction
How do electric cars provide a heater? 25 Oct 2018

The development of electric vehicles has been very rapid. Let us discuss how electric vehicles are heated today. This is mainly related to electric car heating films. The following are some opinions from related industries.

Viewpoint 1:(From arl Young, M.E., Li-ion, supercaps, EVs )

In the larger Li-ion power packs that we design for high-performance output, we provide liquid cooling/warming. Also, the electric motor will have liquid cooling. The warm liquid can be channeled in two ways. When the driver or vehicle occupants want warming-up, we channel the warm liquid to their seats; otherwise, it goes to a heat-exchanger. Of course, if you’re in slow moving traffic, your power pack and electric motors will remain relatively cool; then we have resistive heating elements to warm up the coolant a bit more. For ambient air warming, we use quartz heating elements.

In case, you were wondering about the warm liquid returning to the batteries. It is very important to keep the batteries warm in cold weather to avoid internal cell damages. So, we maintain 15–40C for our power packs.

Viewpoint 2: (From Frank Schmitt Frank Schmitt, 20 years of EV tinkering)

Some electric cars use a heat pump: basically an air conditioner that can be reversed to pump heat into the vehicle rather than out of it. This adds some cost, complexity, and weight to the air conditioning system.

Others simply run power from the battery through a standard resistive heating element. This uses considerably more power for the same amount of heat, but is simpler, smaller, and cheaper.

Most new electric cars can be programmed to preheat the cabin while still attached to the charger, so the initial warm-up period doesn’t impact range and the car is toasty warm before you even step in.

Viewpoint 3: (From Cyrus Ramsey, studied Motion Picture Production at Pacific Design Academy )

They work the same way as any other electric heater. Some have a simple heating element (like a toaster or a space heater), while others have a heat pump (which is more complex but also more efficient).

In general, the most important thing is to choose efficient silicone EV battery heaters. Flyheaters can provide customization and technical support for various battery heaters. For more information about heaters, please visit the official website and contact us.

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