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Flexible printed circuit board structures 06 Dec 2018

Flexible printed circuit board

According to the number of layers of conductive copper foil, Flexible printed circuit board (FPC) is divided into single layer board, double layer board, multi-layer board, double panel and the like.

Structure of single-layer board: The flexible board of this structure is the flexible board of the simplest structure. Usually the substrate + transparent plastic + copper foil is a set of purchased raw materials, protective film + transparent plastic is another raw material bought. First, the copper foil is subjected to etching or the like to obtain a desired circuit, and the protective film is drilled to expose the corresponding pad. After cleaning, the two are combined by rolling. Then, gold or tin is plated on the exposed pad portion for protection. In this way, the big board will be ready. It is also generally stamped into small boards of corresponding shapes.

There is also a solder resist layer printed on the copper foil without using a protective film, so that the cost is lower, but the mechanical strength of the circuit board is deteriorated. Unless the strength requirements are not high but the price needs to be as low as possible, it is best to apply a protective film.

The structure of the double-layer board: When the circuit of the circuit is too complicated, the single-layer board cannot be wired or copper foil is needed for ground shielding, it is necessary to select a double-layer board or even a multi-layer board.

The structure of the multi-layer board:The most typical difference between a multi-layer board and a single-layer board is the addition of a via structure to join the layers of copper foil. The first processing technique of general substrate + transparent rubber + copper foil is to make via holes. First drill holes in the substrate and copper foil, after plating, a certain thickness of copper is plated, and the via holes are completed. The subsequent production process is almost the same as that of a single layer.

Double-panel structure: Both sides of the double-sided panel have pads, which are mainly used for connection with other boards. Although it is similar to a single-layer structure, the manufacturing process varies greatly. Its raw materials are copper foil, protective film + transparent plastic. First, drill holes on the protective film according to the position of the pad, then paste the copper foil, etch the pads and leads, and then attach another protective film with holes.

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