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3 points for surface treatment of flexible circuit boards Feb 28,2019

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of flexible circuit boards, the industry of products used by Flyheaters has covered the optoelectronic industry, notebook manufacturing, automotive industry and instrument monitoring industry. Flyheaters has always been adhering to the business philosophy of “scientific and technological innovation, honesty and integrity”, and has been widely favored by customers in recent years. In order to enable our customers to better understand what we are doing, flyheaters's technicians summarized the surface treatment process for flexible circuit boards, and the key points can be divided into the following three points.

Anti-oxidation process

The oxidation prevention process is a chemical process that forms a thin film on the bare copper surface. This film has anti-oxidation, thermal shock resistance and moisture resistance. Therefore, in the PCB manufacturing industry, the OSP process can replace the hot air leveling technology. With the development of light, thin, short, miniaturized and multi-functional electronic products, printed flexible circuit boards are developing in the direction of high precision, thinness, multi-layer and small holes, especially the rapid development of SMT. Development, so that SMT with high-density thin plates continue to develop, making the hot air leveling process more and more not suitable for the above requirements. Compared with other processes, the anti-oxidation process is more suitable for the development of SMT technology in the electronics industry.

Tin plating

Tin plating includes both electroless tin plating and immersion tin plating. Tin plating and its alloys are coatings with good solderability and corrosion resistance, and are widely used in electronic components and printed circuit boards. Preparation of tin layer In addition to physical methods such as hot dip, spray coating, electroplating, immersion plating and electroless plating have been widely used in industry because of their simplicity.

Gold plating

In the flexible circuit board manufacturing industry, the gold plating process is similar to tin plating, using electrolysis or other chemical methods to attach gold to the surface of metal or other objects to form a thin layer of gold.

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